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Prof Boris Zakharyin and Dr Liudmila Khokhlova of Moscow State University, Moscow visited the CIIL Mysore in December 1996. In an informal conversation at my home, I suggested them why not to form an International Association of Linguists working on the South Asian languages. They immediately agreed to the proposal. We decided to hold International Conferences related to South Asian languages at least once in two years. Boris and Liudmila promised to explore the possibilities of holding the first conference in Moscow. That is how the series of ICOSAL started.

The ICOSAL -1 was held at Moscow State University, Moscow on July 1-4,1997.

The participants of the conference included

Boris Zakharyin, Liudmila Khokhlova, Omkar N. Koul, KV Subbarao, Joginder Singh Puar, Udaya Narayana Singh, Annie Mouton , C. Pilot- Raichoor, J .P. Dimri, A R Fatihi, G.S Starostin, B M Volkonsky, I S Yakubovich,, etc

The proceedings of the conference edited by Liumila Khokhlova and published in 1998. The contents of the proceedinig are as follows:

1. Subbarao, K.V. Linguistic Theory and Syntactic Typology :a Proposal for a Symbiotic Relationship
2. Abbi, A. The Dynamics of Languages-in-contact in South Asia Structural Conflicts and Grammatical Compromises
3. Dimri, J. P. System of Pronouns in Hindi and Russian: a Contrastive Analysis
4. Fatihi, A. R. Grammatico-semantic Aspects of Deixis in Urdu/Hindi
5. Hook, P.E. & Koul, O.N. Active-Stative Marking of Intransitive Subjects in Kashmiri Inceptives
6. Khokhlova, L.V. Some Notes on Reflexivization in Hindi and Russian
7. Montaut, A. The Discursive Particles bhii and hii in Modern Hindi
8. Murthy, B. Lalitha
9. Pilot- Raichoor, C. Grammaticalization of Time in South-Dravidian Verb Stems: an Aspectual Hypothesis
10. Singh, U. N. Compound Verbs in Selected South Asian Languages
11. Starostin, G.S. Alveolar Consonants in Proto-Dravidian: One or More?
12. Volkonsky, B. M. Focus and Negation and Types of Predicatesin Colloquial Sinhala
13. Warsi, M. J. Semantics of Technical Terms in Urdu
14. Yakubovich, I. S. Reflection of the Long Diphtong a$i in the Sanskrit Verb
15. Zakharyin, B. A. Pa:nini’s Ktvá: – type Formations in Sanskrit and Hindi

The ICOSAL-2 was held at Punjabi University Patiala, India on January 9-11, 1998.

The participants of the conference included

Boris Zakharyin, Liudmila Khokhlova, Omkar N. Koul, KV Subbarao, Joginder Singh Puar, A K Sinha, --------etc

The Proceedings of the conference have not been published yet.

The ICOSAL-3 was held at the University of Hyderabad, India on January 4-6, 2001.

The ICOSAL-4 was held at Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, India on 2002.

The ICOSAL-5 was held at Moscow State University, Moscow on July , 2003.

The participants of the conference included Boris Zakharyin, Liudmila Khokhlova, Omkar N. Koul, J .P. Dimri, Peter E Hook, Hans H Hock, Tej K Bhatia, Kashi Wali,

The ICOSAL-6 was held at Osmania University, Hyderabad on January 6-8, 2005.

The participants of the conference included

The ICOSAL-7 was held at Moscow State university on June 13-15, 2006.

The participants of the conference included
Boris Zakharyin, Liudmila Khokhlova, Omkar N. Koul, J .P. Dimri, G.S Starostin, I S Yakubovich,, Anvita Abbi, Satish Abbi, D Mathur, S.S Deol, V.A. Kochergina , E.A. Kostina., E.V. Panina, N.V. Melekhina, O.G. Ultsiferov, Usha R Saxena
I.T. Prokofyeva, J. Karnawat, J. Verma, B K Goyal, Arasu Veerasamy, P Gupta, T. Yevtimova , L.A. Vasilyeva, E. K. Brosalina ,N.D. Gavrushina , E.O. Akishmushkina, B.S. Avezova . R K Saha, O.G. Ultsiferov , A.A. Sigorsky, .Z. Ubaidulloev (Tajikistan).

The program of the presentation of the papers was as follows:

0.00 Registration

11.00 Inauguration of the conference

11.45 -12.00 - tea break

Morning session 12.00 -13.00

Indian languages inside and outside India

Chair: O.N. Koul (India)

A.Abbi. Problems of Hindi in India

D. Mathur (England). Hindi revival in Britain

S. S. Deol (India) Socio-economic Background, Language attitudes and Motivation to Postgraduate in Punjabi/English/Hindi in Punjab

13.00 -14.00 lunch break

afternoon session 14.00 – 16.00

Indian languages inside and outside India (cont)
''hindi gyan pratuyogita in europe, nayee peedhhi ko hindi se jodne ka ek abhinav abhiyaan.''A. Mathur (England). Attitude to Hindi of the second generation of immigrants to Britain

I.T. Prokofyeva (Russia). Globalisation and national languages

J. Karnawat (India). The role of web resources in developing and spreading modern
Indian literatures

J. Verma (England). Hindi school at Nottingham

B. K. Goyal (England) Advent of blogs, rebirth of Hind

16.00 – 16.15 tea break

16.15 – 17.00 Discussion: The future of Hindi and other Indian languages in India and outside India: to what extent they will be able to compete with English? Will next generations outside India maintain their mother tongue?

14. 06. 2006. Wednesday

Morning session: 10.00 – 13.00 (11.45 – 12.00 tea break)

Teaching of Indian Languages and literatures abroad

Chair: P. Gupta (England)

O. N. Koul (India). The teaching of Indian languages and literatures abroad with special reference to Hindi and Urdu

L.P. Yarlagadda (India). Problems of teaching Hindi as a second language

Arasu Veerasamy (India). Tamil Language Teaching in Madras University

V.A. Kochergina (Russia). Teaching Sanskrit at the Philological faculty of Moscow State University

T. Yevtimova (Bolgaria). Publishing and Scientific Activities of Indology Department, Sofia University for the last 20 years

E.A. Kostina. (Russia). Hindi films in teaching Hindi

E.V. Panina (Russia). Teaching Hindi at the philological faculty of Moscow State University

N.V. Melekhina (Russia). History of Teaching Urdu language at the State University of International Relations (MGIMO University)

13.00 -14.00 lunch break

Afternoon session: 14.00 – 17.30 (16.00 – 16.15 coffee break)

Literary analysis

Chair: R.K. Saha

Usha R Saxena (England). Influence of European Writers on Indian Literature

L.A. Vasilyeva (Russia). Premchand in Russia: Literary analysis and translations

E. K. Brosalina (Russia). Literary analysis of Rabindranath Thakur’s creations in Russia.

Studying Old Tamil Literature in Russia
N.D. Gavrushina (Russia). Hindi short story in Purvai magazine

E.O. Akishmushkina (Russia). The genre Habsiyyat in Indo-Persian literature of 11-14 c.

B.S. Avezova (Russia). Sahir Ludhianvi – magical lyricist.

Parallel afternoon session: 14.00- 16.00.

Hindi Grammar
Chair: L.V. Khokhlova (India)

O.G. Ultsiferov (Russia). Principles underlying Grammar of Modern literary Hindi

A.A. Sigorsky (Russia). Hindi Morphosyntax: Towards a new inflection

Z. Ubaidulloev (Tajikistan). Persian borrowings in Hindi 16.00 – 16.15 tea break

Second afternoon session: 16.15 – 17.45

Genetic and typological studies
Chair: A. Abbi (India)

D. Krasa (Austria. The Language of the Banjara/Lambada (An introduction into the language of the Nomads that are said to be the ancestors of the European Roma)

L. V. Khokhlova (Russia). Specification of M. Klaiman’s Typological Hierarchy of South Asian Languages

B. Zakharyin (Russia) Absolutives in Sanskrit and their Treatment by Classical Indian Grammarians and Philosophers

17.45 – 18.30 Lecture by А. Abbi (India). Is there a Sixth Language Family in Indian Subcontinent? A Probe into the typology of Great Andamanese
18.30-19.00 discussion

15. 06. 2006. Friday
Afternoon session: 10.00 – 13.00 (11.45 – 12.00 tea break)

Translation evaluation
Chair: M. Madhu

S.D. Serebrianyj (Russia). The compound “Kuru-paaNDava” and the like in the “Mahaabhaarata”

R.K. Saha (India). Problems of Translation: Transforming and re-figuring contemporary moments

A. Guria (Russia). Poems of Liladhar Mandloi: Lost and Found in Translation

R.P. Sarraju (India). Different contexts of translation evaluation and correct translation

12.00 – Discussion

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break

15.00. Valedictory ceremony

15.30 – 17.00 kavi sammelan

The ICOSAL-8 was held at Aligarh Muslim University on January 6-8, 2008.

The participants of the conference included: Boris Zakharyin, Liudmila Khokhlova, Omkar N. Koul, Annie Mouton, Panchanan Mohanty , Rama Kant Agnihotri, A. K. Sinha, Shreesh Chaudhury, E.V. Panina, J. Verma, A R Fatihi, Imtiaz Hasnain, Shabana Hameed, Masood Beg, Samina A.A.Surti, -----


Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. Abul Kalam Qasmi, Dean, Faculty of Arts, AMU, Alice Davison, Anvita Abbi, R. E. Asher, Barbara Lust, Peri Bhaskara Rao, Braj B. Kachru, Yamuna Kachru, Peter Hook, Hans H. Hock, Elena Bashir, Kapil Kapoor, B.Lakshmi Bai, Liudmila Khokholova, Omkar N. Koul, Annie Mouton, K. S. Nagraj, B. N. Patnaik, D. P. Pattanayak, V. Prakasam, Rama Kant Agnihotri, B. Ramakrishna Reddy, Nagamma Reddy, C. Ramarao, Aditi Mukherji, R. C. Sharma, R.N. Bhat, Panchanan Mohanty, Uma Maheshwar Rao, Pramod Pandey, K. Rangan, Ruth Laila Schmidt, A. K. Sinha, S. N. Sridhar, K.V. Subbarao, P. S. Subrahmanyam, V.I.Subramoniam, Tej K. Bhatia, M. K. Verma, Zdravka Matisic, Rajesh Sachdeva, K. S. Rajyashree, L. M. Khubchandani, Udaya Narayana Singh, and Boris A. Zakharin.

The Proceedings of the conference were published under the title Language Vitality in South Asia (edited by A R Fatihi) by Aligarh Muslim University in 2009. It includes 47 selected papers presented in the conference.

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