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The ICOSAL -1 was held at Moscow State University, Moscow on July 1-4,1997. The participants of the conference included Boris Zakharyin, Liudmila Khokhlova, Omkar N. Koul, KV Subbarao, Joginder Singh Puar, Udaya Narayana Singh, Annie Mouton , C. Pilot- Raichoor, J .P. Dimri, A R Fatihi, G.S Starostin, B M Volkonsky, I S Yakubovich,, etc The proceedings of the conference edited by Liumila Khokhlova and published in 1998. The contents of the proceedinig are as follows: Preface 1. Subbarao, K.V. Linguistic Theory and Syntactic Typology :a Proposal for a Symbiotic Relationship 2. Abbi, A. The Dynamics of Languages-in-contact in South Asia Structural Conflicts and Grammatical Compromises 3. Dimri, J. P. System of Pronouns in Hindi and Russian: a Contrastive Analysis 4. Fatihi, A. R. Grammatico-semantic Aspects of Deixis in Urdu/Hindi 5. Hook, P.E. & Koul, O.N. Active-Stative Marking of Intransitive Subjects in Kashmiri Inceptives 6. Khokhlova, L.V. Some Notes on Reflexivization in Hindi and Russian 7. Montaut, A. The Discursive Particles bhii and hii in Modern Hindi 8. Murthy, B. Lalitha 9. Pilot- Raichoor, C. Grammaticalization of Time in South-Dravidian Verb Stems: an Aspectual Hypothesis 10. Singh, U. N. Compound Verbs in Selected South Asian Languages 11. Starostin, G.S. Alveolar Consonants in Proto-Dravidian: One or More? 12. Volkonsky, B. M. Focus and Negation and Types of Predicatesin Colloquial Sinhala 13. Warsi, M. J. Semantics of Technical Terms in Urdu 14. Yakubovich, I. S. Reflection of the Long Diphtong a$i in the Sanskrit Verb 15. Zakharyin, B. A. Pa:nini’s Ktvá: – type Formations in Sanskrit and Hindi

Omkar N Koul

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